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The Inn at Levelfields

History of "Level-fields"

The manor house is the second homestead to be erected on this site. It was built for Thomas Sanford Dunaway in 1857-58, at which time it was the center of a plantation of over 1,200 acres. It has been an architectural landmark since before the War between the States.

Characterized by an impressive double-tiered portico on the South front and massive chimneys, Levelfields is one of the last ante-bellum mansions to be built in the Commonwealth and represents the final expression of the authentic hip-roofed Georgian colonial style.

Today at the Inn

The Inn is at the end of an entrance drive of over one thousand feet. The walk leading to the main entrance lies between hedges of ancient English Boxwood. The grounds consist of 54 acres, comprised of woods and lawn. There is also a large swimming pool for the enjoyment of guests

This Georgian-style plantation has been completely refurbished and filled with family antiques and oriental rugs, and offers the very finest in the Virginia tradition with spacious rooms, king and queen-size poster beds, and gourmet meals.

Notable features of the Inn are its graceful and lofty proportions and the spaciousness of its dining and guest rooms.

Changes to come in June, 2021

After June 17th, we will no longer be offering accommodations, but we will be watching video and enjoying breakfast at the Inn. See our list of accommodations in the area.