Calm Waters Rowing

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the available dates for sessions this year?

In 2021, we are running three-day, weekend sessions and four-day, mid-week sessions from March 22 through mid-November. Due to COVID-19, we are running smaller groups and fewer sessions. After mid-June, we will be changing our setup and no longer offering accommodations. See our rates and schedule for more information. Please email or call us at 800-238-5578 for availability and room selection.

Do I need to have any previous rowing experience?

We coach all levels — from those who have never been in a boat to those who race competitively. We do all of our rowing in singles so that we can coach to your specific needs and ability. We have wide, stable boats in which a novice can begin, intermediate boats as one gets more experienced and racing boats for the more experienced.

When do we arrive? When do we finish?

Arrival time is preferably between 2:30 and 3:30 pm. We often have groups leaving the morning of the day that another group arrives so we need time to get the house ready. However, we also want to have time to fit in that first row on the arrival day. Your last day will end around noon, earlier if needed, after a row, breakfast and video session.

After mid-June, our schedule will change, so that arrival time on the first day (Friday or Monday) will be 7:00 am and departure on the last day (Sunday or Thursday) will be around 2:30 pm.

Where is the nearest airport?

The nearest and most accessible airport is in Richmond, VA, about 75 miles from us. Norfolk, VA, is the same distance, but there can be more traffic between here and there. Larger airports but further away are Baltimore-Washington International, Dulles International and Reagan National. These three are all 2.5 to 3 hours away.

What if I am coming by myself?

Our rates are based on double occupancy. If you would like to guarantee a private room, there is a 20% premium. If you are willing to share, we will pair you up with someone of the same sex. If we have availability, we will do our best to give individuals their own room and as long as we don’t have to turn anyone away in order to give you a private room, we won’t charge the premium.

After June 17th, we will no longer be offering accommodations, so all rates will be per person per session.

Are all meals included?

Dinner the first night is provided, as are all breakfasts and lunches. For dinners after the first night, town is just 5 miles away and there are any number of restaurants to choose from. Unfortunately, our kitchen is not available for the use of our guests per health department code.

After June 17th , we will be providing breakfast only.

What if my non-rowing partner wants to join me?

The cost for a non-rowing roommate is approximately half the rowing rate — a little more for the Coach and Varsity rooms, a little less for the JV and frosh rooms.

Where can we stay once accommodations are no longer provided?

Please see our list of accommodations in the area.

Are kids allowed or is this camp only for adults?

Kids are allowed, but we are predominantly an adult camp. Often when kids come it is with a parent.

Can I bring my own boat?

You may certainly bring your own boat if you would like to. We can help with rigging and make sure the boat is set up well for you. Most people don’t bring their own boat, so don’t worry if you don’t have one; we have plenty.